Symposium: Entrepreneurship Development & Business Skills

A symposium was organised at Alard Institute of Management Studies Entrepreneurship Developement and Business Skills. All students of AIMS participated in this symposium, in which a chief guest from the industry was invited to Alard campus.

Chief Guest Mr. Shriram Handibag, Managing Director, Planet Tools, Pune focused on entrepreneurship and business skills, and the experience that will have a positive influence on innovative entrepreneurship.

He explained following points: (1) Innovative entrepreneurship (2) Management skills (3) Ability to manage change (4) Personal attributes (5) Visionary leadership.

Symposium - Entrepreneurship & Business Skills Development

Symposiums like these provide a much needed perspective to students beyond the textbooks and the classroom. It is also something that the best colleges ensure to provide.

Student Alard Institute of Management

Dr. L.R. Yadav felicitating Chief Guest Shriram Handibag, Managing Director, Planet Tools, Pune.

Alard management makes it a point to arrange regular interactions of industry experts with students in order to bridge the divide between theory and practice, helping students understand industry expectations better, from the point of view of employability.


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2017-12-15 10:00 am 2017-12-15 4:00 pm Asia/Tashkent Symposium: Entrepreneurship Development & Business Skills The school PTFA would like to invite you to enjoy an evening of Pasta and Prosecco in November. Alard Campus, Pune
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