Chairman’s Message

Alard Chairman's Message

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

-Kofi Annan

Alard Group of Institutes were established with an aim to empower our youth to seize opportunities which were opening up from a newly liberated economy. As India slowly opened up to the world, it was felt that the only way the general population can benefit from this exposure was to make our youth capable, competent and confident with knowledge, skills and attitude so that they are ready for the challenges of the new globalized world.

Creating readily employable youth in a wide spectrum of industries is the focus of the education system at Alard, however, we do emphasize on character-building, leadership and a willingness to take challenges. Our motto is therefore, ‘We will find a way or we shall make one‘.

Acquiring knowledge is an investment which gives life long return. We understand this at Alard and therefore we have created institutions which impart education right from school education to different technical and professional colleges. We also have Post Graduate programme in Management and Engineering. The idea is that any student can chart out his educational journey right during his/her school days and complete that journey in one campus.

We are constantly aware that institutional education cannot be an end in itself and we cannot be content with what happens within the campus. Our students need to be market-ready because eventually that is where they will be after their education here at Alard. Reading the market outside is a constant endeavor at Alard and we try to prepare our students accordingly.

We are proud of our legacy and we are confident of our future.

I would invite the youth today to come and be a part of us!

Jai Hind!!

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