Alard College of Pharmacy Faculty

Alard College of Pharmacy faculty details:

S.NoNameDesignationQualification & Experience
1Dr. Sonia SinghPrincipal and HODM.Pharm, Ph.D in Pharmaceutics
Experience:10.5 years Academic and 18 years Industrial
Research Publications:08 Awards
2Dr. Tarate Bupurao PAssistant Professor (Pharmaceutics)M. Pharm., Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics)
Experience:Academics:01 Industrial: 6.5 years Total: 7.5 years
Research Publications:02
3Mrs. Tikole Sucheta SAssistant Professor (Pharmaceutics)M. Pharm., (Pharmaceutical Biotech)
Experience:Academics: 7.5 years
Research Publications:01
Awards & Honors:01
4Mrs. Savita Shrikant DeokarAssistant Professor (Pharmaceutics)M. Pharm., (Pharmaceutics)
Experience: 13years 5 months
5Mrs. Wankhede Sneha C.Assistant Professor (Pharmaceutics)M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)
Experience: Academics: 2
Research Publications:01
6Ms. Pooja JadhavAssistant ProfessorM. Pharm. Pharmaceutics
Experience: 01 yrs
7Mr. Buchade Rahul S.HOD and Assistant Professor (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Experience: Academics: 06 years. Industrial: 03 years. Total: 09 years
Research Publications: 04 Awards & Honors: 02
Other Achievements: Editor and Scientific Advisor for Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery.
8Mrs. Patil Swati GAssistant Professor (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Experience:Academics: 02 years 10 months.
Industrial: — Total: 02 years 10 months
Research Publications:03
9Ms. Kumud BhendarkarAssistant ProfessorM. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Experience: 2 years 4 months.
Research Publications:1
10Ms. Vasudha BavadekarAssistant ProfessorM. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Experience:  Academics :1 year
Industrial :1 year
Research Publications:3
Awards & Honors:01
11Mr.Deepak S. GhogareAssistant ProfessorM. Pharm. (QAT)
12Mr. Yelwantge Vijaykumar V.HOD and Assistant Professor (Pharmacology)M. Pharm. (Pharmacology)
Experience:Academics:2.5 years Industrial:0.6 years Total: 3years
13Mrs. Komal Digambar SomvanshiAssistant Professor (Pharmacology)M. Pharm.
Experience: 3 years
14Mrs. Sutar Manisha P.HOD and Assistant Professor (Pharmacognosy)M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)
Experience: Academics: 9.5 years
Research Publications: International: 08 National: 02 Total: 10
15Ms.Anjali kideAssistant Professor (Pharmacognosy)M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)
Experience: 02 yrs as Research Fellow
Research Publications: 01
16Dr. Arshia ShariffHOD and Associate ProfessorM.Pharm, Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology
Experience:15 Years
Awards & Honours:Awarded Best oral Paper Presentation at 17 th All India Conference of IPGA
Research Grants:4 International Grants worth Rs- 26,60,000/- Worked as research guide of 19 M.Pharm students
Research Publications:12 (National + International)
17Ms. Kale Nikita K.Assistant Professor (Q.A.T.)M. Pharm. (Quality Assurance)
Experience:Academics: 02 years. Industrial: — Total: 02 years
Research Publications:02
Other Achievements:Assessed HAP Papers for MSBTE Summer Examination 2015; Appointed as External Examiner for MSBTE Summer Practical Examination 2016.
18Mrs.Madhuri Uttam Shelar- Chondhe.Assistant Professor (Q.A.T.)M. Pharm, PhD pursuing
Experience: Industrial :- 1.5 years
Research:- 5 years
Research Publications:05
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