Alard College of Engineering Principal’s Message

Dear partners in progress,

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to “Alard College of Engineering and Management, Marunjee, Near Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Phase-II, Hinjewadi, Pune – 411 057.” The college has been imparting quality technical education to the inspiring students and emphasizes on ‘excellence in technical education’. The college provides all the necessary state-of-art infrastructure, excellent academic and socio-technical facilities to the students and also conducts several social, cultural, co-curricular and extracurricular activities throughout the year along with the completion of university academic curriculum.

Our teaching faculty is well qualified, dedicated, sincere, hard working, co-operative and they make use of modern and innovative teaching methods for making teaching-learning process more simple, effective, interesting, innovative and result oriented. Thus our students will certainly become more knowledgeable, self confident and practical. Engineering education consists of three well-defined aspects knowledge, know-how and character. The knowledge component enables one to understand what one learns in relation to what one already knows and provides the continuity in education. While know-how is the ability to translate knowledge into action. The knowledge component has an invariant core that consists of fundamentals based on universal laws and an outer layer of constantly improving and rapidly expanding empirical knowledge of particular systems, constantly changing applications of increasing sophistication and complexity and constantly improving tools.

Education is a combine responsibility of academia, industries, professional associations and society. Character is perhaps the most important component and our efforts are directed to develop processes for character building. The rapid expansion in engineering education has raised serious concerns about the quality of engineering education. In order to face the future global challenges the capacity of engineering education shall be enhanced qualitatively. The postgraduate programmes in Engineering & Science shall play a pivotal role in transforming technical education towards the very best.

Dr. K. D. Sapate


Alard College of Engineering and Management


CoursesIntakeDTE CodeDurationAdmission Details
B.E in Civil Engineering6063259191004 YearsClick here
B.E in Mechanical Engineering12063256121004 YearsClick here
B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering6063253721004 YearsClick here
B.E in Electrical Engineering6063252931004 YearsClick here
B.E in Computer Engineering6063252451004 YearsClick here
M.E in Mechanical Engineering1263256122002 YearsClick here
M.E in Computer Engineering1263252452002 YearsClick here
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