ALARD College of Engineering Faculty

ALARD College of Engineering and Management has well-qualified, experienced, dedicated, and result-oriented faculty who are committed to the overall growth of the students and the institute.

Sr.NoFull Name          DesignationQualificationExperience    
Civil Engineering
1Prof. Rachana K VaidyaHOD, Assistant ProfessorDCE, BE(BE (CIVIL), ME (Environmental Engineering)5.8 years
2Prof. Ganesh Shivdas ShitoleAssistant ProfessorDCE, BE (Civil), ME (Structural Engineering)6 years
3Prof DeepakAssistant ProfessorBE (CIVIL),ME (Construction Technology)4.5 years
4Prof. Harsha P TalodhikarAssistant ProfessorBE (Civil), ME (Construction And Management)4 years
5Prof. Rajasree SahaAssistant ProfessorBE (Civil) ME (Water Resource Engineering)3 Years
6Prof. Aparna  Balasaheb GhadgeAssistant ProfessorM.E.(Environmental Engineering)4.5 years
7Prof. Yogita DahatondeAssistant ProfessorBE (CIVIL),ME (Environmental Engineering)1.5 Years
8Prof. Pooja R ChandgudeAssistant ProfessorBE (CIVIL),ME (Environmental Engineering)1 Years
9Mr. Shashi KumarLab AssistantBSC8 years

Electrical Engineering

1Prof. Kavita ShrivastavaHOD, Assistant ProfessorM.Tech (PEPS)21.3 Years
2Prof. Mudita DubeyAssistant ProfessorM.Tech(Energy)5Years 8 Months
3Prof. Santanu DharaAssistant ProfessorM Tech(EPS)2 Years.  9months
4Prof. Aprajita KumariAssistant ProfessorM.Tech(PED)2Years 4Months
5Prof. Payal SataoAssistant ProfessorM.E(EPS)2Years 6Months
6Prof. Shweta S. KhandelwalAssistant ProfessorM.E(CS)4 Years
7Mr. Mahadev KhutaleLab AssistantBE (Electrical)3 Years
Computer Engineering
1Prof. Zarina ShaikhHOD, Assistant ProfessorM.E (CSE)13 Years
2Prof. Roshni KharcheAssistant ProfessorM.E4 Years
3Prof. Swapnil WaghAssistant ProfessorM.Tech4.6 years
4Prof.Bhavani VeeramaniAssistant ProfessorM.E4.5 years
5Prof. Smita KhadeAssistant ProfessorPhD Pursuing10.5 years
6Dr. Nitika SinghiAssistant ProfessorPhD11 years
7Prof. Vanita AgarwalAssistant ProfessorM.E.7.5 Years
8Prof. Chetana T. BaviskarAssistant ProfessorM.E. (CSE)5.8 Years
9Prof.Trupti Tukaram TekaleAssistant ProfessorM.E. (CSE)6.5 Years
10Prof. Somya RastogiAssistant ProfessorM. Tech2.3 Years
11Mr.Pradip Sakharam AvadAssistant to System AdminComputer Hardware Networking,  M.A. Appear6 years

Electronics & Tele Communication 

1Prof.Neha Bhimrao HumbeHOD/ Assistant ProfessorME(E&TC)1.6 years
2Prof.Sapana S KukadeAssistant ProfessorME(Digital Electronics)3.6  years
3Prof. Kavita ShrivastavaHOD (Electrical)M.Tech (PEPS)21.3 Years
4Prof.Bhavani VeeramaniAssistant ProfessorM.E3 years
Mechanical Engineering
1Prof.Udaykumar Vikram SaindaneHOD, Assistant ProfessorPh.D. (pursuing, SVNIT), ME Design11 years
2Prof.Sima G RautAssistant ProfessorB.E (Mech) M.E (Heat power)4 years
3Prof. Ashwini Mane KharadeAssistant ProfessorB.E (Mech) M.E (Design Engg)4 years
4Prof. Reshma Parag PatilAssistant ProfessorB.Tech (Mech) M.E (CAD/CAM)4 years
5Prof. Prasad J WasteAssistant ProfessorB.E (Production) M.E (Mech-Prod) Ph.D. (pursuing)10 years
6Prof. Ruchita A GojeAssistant ProfessorB.E (Mech) ME(Design Engg) Ph.D. (pursuing)6 Months
7Prof. Deepak M.GawaliAssistant ProfessorB.E (Mech) MTech(Thermal Engg)1.6  years
8Mr.Anil Ram DangleSupporting Staff(workshop)Diploma (Mech)25 years
9Mr.Nivritti  ShindeLab AssistantBE1 Year
Applied Science
1Dr. Balaji Yashwant FugareFE CoordinatorPh.D.( Physics)5 years
2Prof.Manjushri.G.ManeAssistant ProfessorMSC( Maths)1 year
3Prof. Kavita ShrivastavaHOD (Electrical)M.Tech (PEPS)21.3 Years
4Prof. Reshma Parag PatilAssistant ProfessorB.Tech (Mech) M.E (CAD/CAM)3 years
5Prof. Archana JadhavAssistant ProfessorM.Tech6 Years
6Prof. Ganesh Shivdas ShitoleAssistant ProfessorBE (Civil), ME (Structural Engineering)6 years
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