Our Teachers
The ALARD community has been having essential conversations about the need to increase and respect diversity and inclusion on campus.

Education being the only wealth that one can carry; a person becomes richer by acquiring good education thereby enabling the person to have a sound foundation in life. It also enriches the soul with stimulating mental capability to distinguish good from bad. It widens ones vision and provides universal understanding and global living.

Good education encompasses instilling moral, aesthetic, athletic and intellectual values in the citizens of tomorrow. India’s moral, social, economic and political fibre depends on these future citizens and therefore it is imperative to invest in this ‘future’ wisely.

Keeping this view the Alard Charitable Trust has been established by like minded people to create equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of caste, creed and financial status.

Education is the corner stone of life from where the journey in quest of knowledge starts. It is a fundamental right of every Indian to get education and be richer ion knowledge, experience & skill. It widens one’s vision and brings universal understanding for a peaceful co-existence on this planet. It is the only wealth which remains life-long with an individual and helps in making of a Charismatic personality. God education incompasses, besides professional knowledge, moral, ethical and aesthetic value of life.

India’s socio-economic and political strength depends upon the kind of new generation and their attitude/mindset towards the well-being of the society. It is, therefore, imperative for all the promoters of education to wisely invest their financial, intellectual and material resources to impart quality education and training to young students of the country.

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